KIC-START KIC-2000 SMT Furnace Temperature Tester



Part Name:SMT Furnace Temperature Tester

Part Number:KIC-START KIC-2000

Internal Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ to 105 ℃

Power Requirements: 9V alkaline battery

The temperature curve test is extremely simple and anyone can be competent


Simplified temperature curve test steps:

Through the automatic process to simplify the complex process setting, slimkic 2000 makes the temperature curve test extremely simple, and any operator can quickly obtain the best process. Just automatically define the process window from the temperature curve specification containing hundreds of common solder paste suppliers, and the color code signal will alert the operator in case of non-compliance.

Speed up the test process of temperature curve:

KIC furnace temperature tester kic2000 furnace temperature tester KIC thermometer adopts innovative technology (patented), which can eliminate the cumbersome tasks that need to be performed when using traditional methods to measure the temperature curve, and the measurement of products in each area of reflow furnace and thermocouple is automated. The acceptability of the process curve can be determined immediately, the required temperature curve test times can be reduced, and the production downtime can be reduced to the greatest extent.

More accurate test temperature curve:

Kic2000 furnace temperature tester can simplify the process into one number - process window indextm (PWI), so that you can accurately understand the perfection of temperature curve. The simplified user interface can guide the operator to complete the whole temperature curve test process, and minimize the wrong temperature setting of reflow furnace and various defects affecting output.

Easier temperature curve testing:

Even for the most complex products and requirements, kic2000 furnace temperature tester # can make the process setting effortless, including the narrow process window caused by lead-free regulations, eliminate the trouble caused by lead-free transition in the process of temperature curve testing, and improve the product quality and reliability.


KIC-START KIC-2000 SMT Furnace Temperature Tester Features:

Accuracy: ± 1.2 ℃

Resolution variable: 0.3 to 0.1 ℃

Internal operating temperature: 0 ℃ to 105 ℃

Thermocouple compatibility:type K, 9 to 12tcs

Computer requirements: - 150 ℃ to 1050 ℃

Power requirements: 9V alkaline battery

The wireless receiving frequency:433.93MHZ


IC Furnace Temperature Tester KIC2000 Furnace Temperature Tester KIC thermometer Instrument insulation data sheet (maximum heat resistance at specified temperature in minutes)

Configuration dimension (mm) (length) × wide × High) 150 ℃ 200 ℃ 250 ℃ 300 ℃ 350 ℃ 400 ℃

Slimkic 2000,no insulation sleeve: 9CH 260.4× 76.2×19.9 8.5 5.5 4.2 3.5

Slimkic 2000, no insulation sleeve: 12CH 260.4×101.6×19.9 8.5 5.5 4.2 3.5

Insulation sleeve: 1 / 8 "(3.2mm),9CH 323.9× 86.4×26.4 17.6 11.0 8.0 6.4

Insulation sleeve: 1 / 8 "(3.2mm),12CH 323.9×108.0×25.4 17.6 11.0 8.0 6.4

Insulation sleeve: 1 / 4 "(6.4mm),9CH 330.2× 95.3×34.3 24.6 15.5 11.5 9.8

Insulation sleeve: 1 / 4 "(6.4mm),12CH 330.2×115.6×34.3 24.6 15.5 11.5 9

Lead free insulation sleeve: 9CH 343.9× 88.9×25.4 18.6 12.7 10.7 9.1 7.9 7.6

Lead free insulation sleeve:12CH 343.9×109.9×25.4 18.6 12.7 10.7 9.1 7.9 7.6

















1. Determine the tip temperature accurately with the CA sensor.
2. Clear digital display.
3. Special alloy coating, so that the sensor can resist corrosion and oxidation.
4. The sensor is easy to replace.
Model: 191
Unit of measurement: 1 degree
Measuring range: 0-600 degrees
Sensor: K (CA) thermocouple
Accuracy: / -3 degrees (between 300-500 degrees)
A) 3.5 LCD digital display
B) Battery alarm
C) The sensor is damaged
Supply power supply: 006P. 9V dry battery
Battery life: 150 hours or more
Ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees
Accessories: Sensors (5PCS)
External dimensions: 160 (W) X 35 (high) X 75 (deep) mm
Weight: about 200g