We supply I-Pulse SMT Nozzles, there are many PCBA customers use this kind of nozzles, they are include P001, P002, P003, P004, P005, P006, P012, P013, P017, P018, P019, P020, P022, P031, P032, P033, P034, P050,P051,P052,P053,P054,P055,P056,P057,P061,P062,P072,P073, M001, M002, M003, M004, M005, M006, M012, M013, M017, M018, M019, M020, M022, M031, M032, M033, N001, N002, N003, N004, N005, N006, N012, N013, N017, N018, N019, N020, N022, N031, N032, N033 for I-Pulse Pick and Place Machine M1,M2,M6,M7,M10,M20 Series.




Part Number Description MODEL
LG0-M7701-00X SMT I-Pulse M001 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M7703-00X SMT I-Pulse M002 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M7705-00X SMT I-Pulse M003 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M7707-00X SMT I-Pulse M004 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M7709-00X SMT I-Pulse M005 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770B-00X SMT I-Pulse M006 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770E-00X SMT I-Pulse M012 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770G-00X SMT I-Pulse M013 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770H-00X SMT I-Pulse M017 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770K-00X SMT I-Pulse M018 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770K-00X SMT I-Pulse M019 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M770P-00X SMT I-Pulse M020 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M7719-00X SMT I-Pulse M022 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M771G-00X SMT I-Pulse M031 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M771K-00X SMT I-Pulse M032 Nozzle M1,M4
LG0-M771N-00X SMT I-Pulse M033 Nozzle M1,M4



Part Number Description MODEL
LC1-M7701-00X SMT I-Pulse N001 Nozzle M2
LC1-M7703-00X SMT I-Pulse N002 Nozzle M2
LC1-M7705-00X SMT I-Pulse N003 Nozzle M2
LC1-M7707-00X SMT I-Pulse N004 Nozzle M2
LC1-M7709-00X SMT I-Pulse N005 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770B-00X SMT I-Pulse N006 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770D-00X SMT I-Pulse N012 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770F-00X SMT I-Pulse N013 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770H-00X SMT I-Pulse N017 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770K-00X SMT I-Pulse N018 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770M-00X SMT I-Pulse N019 Nozzle M2
LC1-M770P-00X SMT I-Pulse N020 Nozzle M2






Part Number Description MODEL
LC6-M7701-001 SMT I-Pulse P001 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7703-001 SMT I-Pulse P002 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7705-001 SMT I-Pulse P003 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7707-001 SMT I-Pulse P004 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7709-001 SMT I-Pulse P005 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770B-001 SMT I-Pulse P006 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770D-001 SMT I-Pulse P012 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770F-001 SMT I-Pulse P013 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770H-001 SMT I-Pulse P017 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770K-001 SMT I-Pulse P018 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770M-001 SMT I-Pulse P019 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M770P-001 SMT I-Pulse P020 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7712-100 SMT I-Pulse P031 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7714-002 SMT I-Pulse P032 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7716-002 SMT I-Pulse P033 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7718-002 SMT I-Pulse P034 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7724-001 SMT I-Pulse P042 Nozzle M6, M7, M8
LC6-M7727-00X SMT I-Pulse P050 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M7729-000 SMT I-Pulse P051 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M772B-00X SMT I-Pulse P052 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M772D-00X SMT I-Pulse P053 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M7735-00X SMT I-Pulse P054 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M772K-01X SMT I-Pulse P055 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M772V-01X SMT I-Pulse P056 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M7731-01X SMT I-Pulse P057 Nozzle M6,M10,M20
LC6-M772F-00X SMT I-Pulse P061 Nozzle M10,M20
LC6-M772H-00X SMT I-Pulse P062 Nozzle M10,M20
LC6-M7744-00X  SMT I-Pulse P063 Nozzle M10,M20
LC6-M773B-00X SMT I-Pulse P072 Nozzle M10,M20
LC6-M773E-00X SMT I-Pulse P073 Nozzle M10,M20





Part Number
SMT Nozzle 
SMT Nozzle 
SMT Nozzle 
SMT Nozzle 
SMT Nozzle 
SMT Nozzle 



I-PULSE M1 M4 SMT Nozzles:
LG0-M7701-00X       M001
LG0-M7703-00X       M002
LG0-M7705-00X       M003
LG0-M7707-00X       M004
LG0-M7709-00X       M005
LG0-M770B-00X       M006
LG0-M770E-00X       M012
LG0-M770H-00X       M017
LG0-M770K-00X       M018
LG0-M770M-00X      M019
LG0-M770P-00X       M020
LGO-M7719-00         M022


I-PULSE M2 SMT Nozzles:
LC1-M7701-00     N001
LC1-M7703-00        N002
LC1-M7705-00        N003
LC1-M7707-00      N004
LC1-M7709-00      N005
LC1-M770B-00     N006
LC1-M770D-00     N012
LC1-M770F-00     N013
LC1-M770H-00      N017
LC1-M770K-00      N018
LC1-M770M-00     N019
LC1-M770P-00     N020
LC1-M7704-00      N022
LC1-M7712-00      N031
LC1-M7714-00      N032
LC1-M7716-00      N033


I-PULSE M6 M7 M10 M20 SMT Nozzles:
LC6-M7701-00X   P001
LC6-M7703-00X   P002
LC6-M7705-00X   P003
LC6-M7707-00X    P004
LC6-M7709-00     P005
LC6-M770H-00X  P017
LC6-M770K-00     P018
LC6-M770M-00     P019
LC6-M770P-00X   P020
LC6-M7712-00      P031
LG0-M771R-03     P032 (P042)